“As Canadian film makers, and movie goers, we all need to support the CFF just as much as it supports Canadian film. In the world of Canadian indie cinema we have few allies. I consider Bern and the Canadian Film Fest to be one of the best. Thanks to the CFF, our little underdog film that couldn't even get into a festival came out in theatres in Canada on March 8, 2013.”
Kirk Caouette  - Writer, Director, Actor

"The CFF is TIFF without Hollywood, totally devoted to premiering the finest Canadian content without the need to adhere to the establishment – One of the few remaining festivals on the planet that remains true to the art of film and less to the art of the deal.”

Kenny Hotz - Writer, Director, Actor

“There is no other more important festival to the emerging filmmaker in Toronto than the Canadian Film Fest. The CFF is the Sundance to Toronto’s TIFF and revels in being the only Toronto film festival that shows exclusively Canadian films. We need this important festival.”

Warren P. Sonoda,  Director