PANEL #1: From Concept to Completion – The Creative Process of Screen Writing

When: Thursday March 31st
Time: 10:30 – 12pm
Where: The Monarch Tavern
How Much: $15 each or $40 for all 3 panels

Moderator: Christopher Warre Smets (The Overlookers, The Last Hit Man, The Mad)


Ramona Barckert (At Home By Myself With You, Degrassi, Wynona Earp, Open Heart), 
Mars Horodyski (Ben’s At Home * winner, 2015 CFF Best Feature)
Elan Mastai (The F Word, The Samaritan, Alone In The Dark)
Jonathan Sobol (The Art of the Steal, A Beginner’s Guide To Ending, Citizen Duane)
Karen Walton (Ginger Snaps, Orphan Black SI&II, Jane Doe)


We all have stories inside us – it’s the art of hard work and the creative process of a true writer that turns them into a memorable screenplay. 

What makes a story worth telling? How do you make a character unique?

How do you effectively tailor structure, tone and pacing to optimize your message - what happens when you don’t? And for all those passionate minds attempting to navigate this crazy business: how DO you stay sharp, motivated, and forge through those tangles of writer's block?

Walking us from concept to completion, don’t miss out on our high profile panel of Canadian writers as they discuss their tips and tricks on channeling that spark of creativity into a GREAT finished product.


PANEL #2: The Cost of Production: - Optimizing Your Indie Film Budget

When: Thursday March 31st
Time: 12:30pm – 2pm
Where: The Monarch Tavern
How Much: $15 each or $40 for all 3 panels

Moderator: Divya Shahani (Entertainment Lawyer at Hall Webber LLP)


Chad Archibald (Producer, Black Fawn Films – Sublet, Antiscoial 1 & 2, Bite, Hellmouth)
Cody Campanale (Producer/Writer/Director – Jackie Boy)
Dan Lyon (Telefilm Canada's Regional Feature Film Executive)
Managing Directors of The Entertainment and Media Finance Group Inc. (TEAM) :
John Vandervelde (Executive for KPMG, Nelvana, Corus Entertainment, Cookie Jar Entertainment and DCF Media & Treasurer/ Director of the Academy of Canadian Film & Television)
Jaqueline Kelly (Chartered Professional Accountant, Financing Specialist and Executive Producer - P.S. Production Services, Catalyst Entertainment Inc., GFT Entertainment & Wing on Wing Inc.)


If you’ve ever attempted to get an Indie film off the ground, you’ve likely said the F-word… a few times… because proper FINANCING can mean the difference between making a movie, or not.

Just how exactly do we “speak finance” in Canada?  Our panel of expert financial & legal advisors, producers, and executives will demystify the financing process for the emerging and established filmmaker, and take us through successful structuring techniques to optimize any production budget.

The discussion will outline available funding sources, gap financing, dos and don’t of public and private finance, international co-productions, how to make the most of Canadian tax credits and incentives, and important tips on how to avoid financial pitfalls in the Indie world of film.

Learn how to make that F-word work for you!


PANEL #3: The Future of Filmmaking: Emerging Technologies

When: Thursday March 31st
Time: 2:45pm – 4:15pm
Where: The Monarch Tavern
How Much: $15 each or $40 for all 3 panels

Moderator: Marc Saltzman (Tech Journalist for CNN, USA Today, Gearguide)


Isaac Rayment (Four Eleven – Projection Mapping & Augmented Reality)
Blair Renaud (Iris VR/Technolust– Designer & Developer)
J Lee Williams (Occupied – VR & 360Degree Stereoscopic Filmmaking)
Stefan Grambart (Secret Location – Design Director, Writer, Illustrator)
Lowell Schrieder (William F White – Entertainment Communications & Public Relations)


Every year at CFF we aim to inspire indie filmmakers and audiences alike, by showing them what's possible in our own backyard. You deserve to be on the cutting-edge and that's why we've assembled a World Class panel of creative emerging technology professionals, on the ground floor of a brand new canvass for storytelling that's already changing the game... and might blow your mind! Get ready to experience virtual reality films and 360 cameras -- the opportunities and challenges that come with them.

What is Virtual Reality? How does the technology differ from the cameras and filming methods we use today? What are production challenges involved in creating 360|VR|AR content, and what are its platforms? Moderated by one of Canada’s most respected tech journalists, our diverse panel of hardware designers and manufacturers, special effects artists, video game designers, and technical innovators, will share their unique perspective on Virtual Reality and the future of storytelling in an immersive medium -- AND bring this technology with them to show you how it works.

Join us and see what the future of filmmaking has in store!