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Saturday April 2nd, 5:15pm

  • The Royal Cinema 608 College Street Toronto, ON, M6G 1B4 Canada (map)


Running Time: 87mins
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Producer: Bruno Marino
Co-Producer: Navneet Chhajer
Director: Navin Ramaswaran
Writers: Neal Avram Schneider & Navin Ramaswaran
Editor: Navin Ramaswaran
Director Of Photography: Bruce William Harper
Cast: Adam Langton, Gwenlyn Cumyn, Bobbie Phillips, Brad Cowan, Ryan Fisher


Unable to get over the tragic loss of the love of his life and stuck with a day job of editing adult videos, Chase meets an unlikely ally, Valentine - a call girl who works under the various personas she has created for herself. Is Chase ready to uncover Valentine's dark secrets?

CHASING VALENTINE will be preceded by the short film THE FLOATERS.


Running Time: 10mins
Genre: Dramedy
Producer: Jessica Hinkson
Co-Producers: Amelia Wasserman and Nick Wilson
Director: Nick Wilson
Writer: Amelia Wasserman
Editor: Nick Wilson
Director Of Photography: Josh Allen
Cast: Amelia Wasserman, Jessica Hinkson, Kristian Bruun, Stefano DiMatteo, Angela Besharah


Claire, Josh, Pete, and Suz want nothing more then to have a fun-fuelled magic mushroom experience in the safe and peaceful confines of a summer cottage. But romantic entanglements, broken toilets, and expired pregnancy tests threaten to turn a good trip bad and a bad trip plain weird. It all comes to a head when the drugs kick in and the truth comes out.

Earlier Event: April 2
Saturday April 2nd, 3:15pm