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Friday April 1st, 7pm

  • The Royal Cinema 608 College Street Toronto, ON, M6G 1B4 Canada (map)


Running Time: 82mins
Genre: Comedy
Producer: Brian Stockton
Associate Producers: Adrienne Adams, Emily Berntson
Executive Producers: David Hansen, Johnny Mac
Director:  Brian Stockton
Story: Ian Schneider, Brian Stockton, Matt Yim
Screenplay: Brian Stockton, James Whittingham
Editor: Jason Hujber
Directors Of Photography: Preston Kanak, Jason Rister
Cast: James Whittingham, Laura Abramsen, Bernadette Mullen, Mike Gill, Trevor Aikman, Ken Wilson, Paul Gui-Crepeau, Candy Fox, Kevin Allardyce


When a university professor (James Whittingham) is forced to produce a new photography book on his year off, he finds he's no longer the hot-shot artist he once was. His workaholic wife (Bernadette Mullen) is nowhere to be found and his best friend is busy leading a family life. Alone and desperate, he befriends a young artist (Laura Abramsen) who turns his world upside down. Mid-life crisis ensues.

THE SABBATICAL will be preceded by the short film DIVORCE PHOTOGRAPHER.


Running Time: 10mins
Genre:  Comedy
Producer: Shannon Fewster
Executive Producers: Avi Federgreen
Director:  Christine Buijs
Writer: Christine Buijs
Editor: Michael Henry
Director Of Photography: Arthur Cooper, CSC
Cast: Amy Matysio, Nicole Stamp, Andrea Drepaul, Peter Spence


Carla, a seasoned wedding photographer, has just been dumped – right before she needs to shoot a wedding. Unable to hold back her feelings any more, she loses it in front of a happy bride and groom. She turns to her best friend, Kayla, who is about to go through the proceedings for a nasty, painful divorce and begs Kayla to let her shoot the impending un-coupling. Carla becomes obsessed with this new idea and word of the divorce photographer spreads like wildfire. It’s all about honesty: as long as Carla doesn’t have to be honest with herself. Divorce Photographer is a comedy that explores the flip side of marriage, the pressures exerted on people to be in a relationship, and the decision to find happiness in your own way.

Earlier Event: March 31
Thursday March 31st, 9:30pm
Later Event: April 1
Friday April 1st, 9:30pm