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Thursday March 31st, 9:30pm

  • The Royal Cinema 608 College Street Toronto, ON, M6G 1B4 Canada (map)


Running Time: 80mins
Genre: POV, Action, Horror
Producers: Zach Ramelan, Karl Janisse, Lexy Rubidux
Co‐Producers: Eric Repke, Raven Cousens
Executive Producers: Jesse Baget, Andrea Monier
Director: Zach Ramelan
Writer: Zach Ramelan & Raven Cousens, Gavin Michael Booth
Editor: Zach Ramelan
Director Of Photography: Karl Janisse
Cast: David Michael Moote, Raven Cousens, Charlie Hamilton, Caleigh Le Grand, Rich Piatkowski, Austin Duffy


Dead Rush is the end of the world, as we know it. Seen through the eyes of one
man - David (David Michael Moote). As he takes us through his journey: before, during and after the zombie outbreak.


DEAD RUSH will be preceded by the short film STATIC.


Running Time: 16 mins
Genre: Drama
Producer: Sonya Di Rienzo
Executive Producers: Aeschylus Poulos, Karen Walton, Jyothy Nair
Director: Tanya Lemke
Writer: Tanya Lemke, based on a story by Robert Shearman
Editor: Dev Singh, Lara Mrkoci
Director Of Photography: James Klopko
Cast: Eric Peterson, Yannick Bisson, Kristian Bruun, Janet Laine Green, Chantal Craig, Matt Murray, Supinder Wraich, Igor Pugdog


“Static” is a bittersweet love story about Ernest, who one day discovers his TV is bleeding. Calls to a repair man, and then his son, only result in advice to “just throw it out”, but we soon discover that the ailing TV is the last thing Ernest has of his beloved wife, and, unable to deal with her loss, he’s transferred to it the full weight of his grief. When his emotional shield shatters along with the screen, Ernest is finally able to find the strength to give his faithful electronic companion the dying wish that he couldn’t give the love of his life.

Earlier Event: March 31
Thursday March 31st 7:00pm
Later Event: April 1
Friday April 1st, 7pm