CFF Masterclass - The Art & Craft of Directing Actors

 Wednesday March 30th, 10am -4:30pm


Time: 10am – 4:30pm (half hour lunch 1:00-1:30)
Where: The Monarch Tavern
How Much: $75 (includes a CFF Fest Pass* approx value $175) Seating is limited.

Moderator: Warren P. Sonoda (Swearnet, Coopers’ Christmas, Trailer Park Boys)


Director X (Across The Line, Backstage, Drake’s Hotline Bling)
Jerry Ciccoritti (The Resurrection of Tony Gitone, Blood, Schitt’$ Creek)
Sean Garrity (Borealis, After The Ball, My Awkward Sexual Adventure)
Gail Harvey (Some Things That Stay, Lost Girl. Murdoch Mysteries)
John L'Ecuyer (Blood & Water, ReGenesis, A Date With Miss Fortune, Curtis' Charm)
Brett Sullivan (The Chair, Ginger Snaps 2, Orphan Black)


Jonas Chernick (Borealis, How To Plan An Orgy In a Small Town, Lucid)
Richard Chevolleau (19-2, Rokie Blue, Blood & Water, Home Again, The Wrong Guy)
Maria Del Mar (Hannibal, 24, Looking is the Original Sin, Terminal)
Diego Fuentes (Hollywood Land, Dark Water, Stag, Remedy)
Shannon Kook (The Conjuring 1 & 2, Dark Places, Dirty Singles, Degrassi: TNG)
Patrick McKenna (The Masked Saint, Remedy, Less Than Kind, The Red Green Show)
Tara Spencer-Nairn (New Waterford Girl, The Listener, Corner Gas, Degrassi: TNG)
Clara Pasieka (Maps to the Stars, Reign, Killjoys, ACTRA Executive Council VP)
Rachel Wilson (Backstabbing for Beginners, Let's Rap, Hellions, Republic of Doyle, Bomb Girls)


Each year the CFF kicks-off with an intensive, immersive and exciting masterclass and for our 10th Year Celebrations we’ve created the best one yet. Six veteran, award-winning DGC directors and six top-level, dynamic and esteemed ACTRA actors participate in a six-hour intensive study in the art and craft of directing actors.

How do directors block a scene, do scene analysis, rehearse and guide an actor through their performance? What do directors look for in casting and auditions? What is the language of creativity between these two incredibly important roles? We will also investigate it from the actor’s perspective and get into detail and dialogue about what directing styles and devices are the most effective and why.

This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as our masterclass participants represent the very best in Canadian Film and Television and will be highly accessible during this session, divulging little-known tricks-of-the-trade, inside anecdotes and powerful knowledge and information garnered only after years of trailblazing in the film industry.

This one-of-a-kind, must-attend masterclass is designed for directors, actors, producers, writers, DOPs, editors, casting directors, emerging and established filmmakers, storytellers, content creators and film lovers alike. As an added bonus, participation in this masterclass also includes a CFF Fest Pass which gets you into every screening, panel discussion and after-party – so don’t miss this phenomenal experience and truly BE A PART of the Canadian Film Fest during our #CFF10 celebrations!

Special thanks to ACTRA and DGC Ontario for their generous support of this CFF Masterclass.

Wednesday, March 30 - 10am-4:30pm

Cost: $75.00

*CFF Festival Pass can only be claimed by participants of the Masterclass.

The Canadian Film Fest kicks off every year with a stacked Masterclass. In 2015 we shot a movie and showed the students what applying VFX looks like. Here's our finished spot. VFX and Digital Post Workflow. The Masterclass