CFF Producers Masterclass

Wednesday, March 20th
Scotiabank Theatre

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You’ve just finished your third short, you’re second feature, or maybe you’re getting ready to shoot your first anything. But you’ve got your eye on that mountain on the horizon, that mountain where features with healthy budgets are made. So how do you keep on the right road that eventually leads you there?

Each year our CFF team puts together an exciting, unique and immersive Masterclass that has become one of the best-attended and most talked about events at our Festival. The CFF’s mission to celebrate and inspire Canadian Filmmakers is on full display during the all new CFF Producers Masterclass. All attendees will receive a CFF FEST PASS valued at almost $200!

Sit in with some of our nation’s top Producers as they give us the inside scoop on producing feature films. In 3 individual segments, we will examine cases studies which explore the unique aspects and experiences behind some of Canada’s classic, award-winning feature films made at various production levels. We will find out what’s different/same when producing a $250,000, $1.5million, or a $100million movie. Because our teachers have done it all.

Brendan Carmody (22 Chaser, 13 Eerie, Home Again) 


Aeschylus Poulos (22 Chaser, Molly Maxwell, Mary Goes Round, Book of Negros)
Marina Cordoni (Never Saw It Coming, American Hangman, Becoming Burlesque)
Don Carmody (Goon, Porky’s, Chicago, Resident Evil franchise and so very many more…)




The Hustle: Moving from Indie Film to TV

Thursday, March 21st
Scotiabank Theatre

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You’ve been honing and owning your skills in the indie-film world, but the call to switch screens into television is starting to ring loudly. How different are these two genres and what are the secrets for making this leap and staying there? How do you do both? For some, wanting to create their passion-project feature film after years of TV is also important. This panel is for the independent writer, director and/or producer who resonates at this chapter of your career and will give you the 411 on what you need to know to prepare for success!

Moderated by Warren P. Sonoda (Trailer Park Boys, Cooper’s Camera, Things I Do For Money)


Mars Horodyski (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Murdoch Mysteries)
Jeremy Benning, csc (The Expanse, The Long Road Home)
Katrina Saville (I Beat Up My Rapist, Private Eyes)
David Cormican (Northern Rescue, Shadowhunters)
Larysa Kondracki (The Whistleblower, Better Call Saul, Picnic At Hanging Rock and the pilot for ABC’s The Fix)

Meet the Programmers

Thursday, March 21
Scotiabank Theatre

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Navigating the festival circuit can be a challenge, but with some insight and a strategic plan you can maximize your film's visibility, make amazing connections and drive your filmmaking career forward! Here is a unique opportunity to meet the Programmers behind some of Canada’s finest festivals who will provide candid insights into the programming process, how to represent your film, which festivals may be your project’s best targets, and how to make the most of your festival experience.

Moderated by Lauren MacKinlay


Ashleigh Rains (CFF)
Bern Euler (CFF)
Andrew Murphy (Inside Out, Atlantic Film Festival)
Steve Gravestock (TIFF)
Kelly Michael Stewart (Blood in the Snow)
Paul Gratton (Whistler Film Festival)
Rav Srinivas (TIFF, Hot Docs, Director of South Western International Film Fest)