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Friday, March 22 - 9:30pm - NOWHERE & Dotage



Running Time: 93mins
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Director: Thomas Michael
Writers: Paolo Mancini & Thomas Michael
Producers: Paolo Mancini & Thomas Michael
Executive Producers: Lainie Elton, David Hudakoc, Kristofer McNeeley, Fernando Szew
DOP: Christian Bielz
Editor: Paul Jonas
Music: Dillon Baldassero
Cast: Kate Drummond, Rya Kihlstedt, Al Mukadam, Ron Lea, Nell Verlaque, Joelle Farrow 

Widowed mother Claire moves her teenage daughter, Sarah, from Chicago to the small town of Mattawa for a fresh start. She is overjoyed when Sarah makes the varsity basketball team. But after “Initiation Night”, Claire’s daughter vanishes… Claire begins a frantic search for Sarah and encounters a less than helpful response from the town. Suspecting she isn't being told the whole story and with the clock ticking, Claire will stop at nothing to uncover the truth behind her daughter's disappearance.


NOWHERE will be preceded by the short film, DOTAGE




Running Time: 12mins
Genre: Drama   
Director: Cat Hostick          
Writers: Jordan Gray, Zoe Gamache        
Producers: Zoe Gamache, (CO-P) Jordan Gray, (ASS-P) Aidan Waugh
Executive Producers: Zoe Gamache
DOP: Russ De Jong
Editor: Russ De Jong
Music: Lodewijk Vos
Cast: Dani Kind, Kate Moyer, Shaun Benson, Shelly Findlay, Tyler Blake Smith 

Jackie leaves the hospital for the day to surprise her niece at her birthday party. When she arrives, she is welcomed in to a quiet household, very different from what Jackie remembers her niece’s birthday parties being like. The family reminisces about the past, and Jackie's niece tries to get her to join them.

All screenings Industry Series events
are held at the Scotiabank Theatre
in Toronto at Richmond and John St.