The Canadian Film Fest and The Harold Greenberg Fund proudly partnered on this unique opportunity for screenwriters. Open to Canadian screenwriters who've written a feature-length screenplay. Here is the complete CFF 2019 “It List”, which is a list of the best unproduced scripts in Canada - a great resource for producers:


HAROLD DOESN’T DIE - written by Stephen sloot

In addition to winning $10,000 in development funding, a Harold Greenberg executive will be involved in the selection of the winning script, and will provide feedback on the script as well as guidance throughout one development round.

The winner also receives a pass to the Toronto Screenwriting Conference taking place May 4-5, 2019 (valued at $419).


Harold Doesn’t Die By: Stephen Sloot
In a world where everyone knows the exact date they will die, Harold is the first one in history NOT to expire when he's supposed to.
An truly amazing concept for a dark comedy that catches you off guard with some real heart. With a fantastic cast of characters and an very original storyline this story stands out strong.



Black White Blue By: Murry Peeters
The runner up receives a pass to the Toronto Screenwriting Conference taking place June 23-24, 2018 (valued at $419).

An idealist rookie cop finds herself struggling to assimilate within the force’s culture as she wrestles with her competing identity as a black woman. When the force’s influence drives her to shoot an unarmed black teen, the whole department must deal with the consequences. A powerful and hotly topical story of a Woman who must deal with the consequences of her actions. With strong character work and a good balance of drama and lighthearted moments, this script is a must read.



Growing Paranoia      By: Ryan M. Andrews
Hired by a biker gang to “keep up the appearances” of a house being used for a marijuana growing operation, a small time drug dealer and his girlfriend think they have the perfect job. But as the seclusion and paranoia sets in due to the illegal nature of it all, the stress and tension begins to build – especially when they discover they are not the only ones residing in the house. A suspenseful thriller with excellent character work and some great stakes. Growing Paranoia’s a great and unique story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.



ATOM By: Mitchell LeBlanc
After a systems failure, a couple boards a derelict spaceship and meet its only resident: a lonely commander with no intention of being alone again. A great concept and gripping story with a fun twist. This dark Sci-fi horror story kept us guessing who the bad guy was, and who was going to betray who first. Very strong plot and pacing in this made for a great read.



Labour Day                 By: Jeanie Calleja
Pathologically self-sufficient control freak Kit Suggs is in labour with a baby who refuses to come out when a floundering doula convinces her to waddle free from the hospital to get her emotional house in order - all between contractions. This Bridesmaids-esque laugh out loud comedy follows a woman in labour over the course of 24 hours. It is filled with as many a raucous moment as it is heartfelt. A wonderful and engaging romp from start to finish.



OTHER FINALISTS (in no particular order)

Club Loser      By: M Sartor
A high school outcast suffering from migraines becomes popular after inadvertently creating a Club for like-minded misfits. But when she tosses her only friends under the bus she soon finds herself alone and sad once more. She is left to redeem herself the only way she can. By proving she’s the biggest loser of them all. A twist on your usual high-school teen drama. It is fast paced with great characters and the dialogue is full of teenage quips which make for an very entertaining script.


In Other Words          By: Chattrisse Dolabaille
A dramatic feature film about finding your voice and creating your own success. An insecure young woman whose dream is to be a famous singer-songwriter has her greatest work stolen by a rival artist who finds great success with it. Overshadowed by performers who are good at self-promotion, the protagonist struggles to find the courage to share both her talent and her ideas. She evolves from a shy and scared puppet artist to a confident, grounded musician who will succeed by being her authentic self, in this funny and inspiring film aimed at young adults. A well structured story of a shy artist struggling to find her way and break out of her shell in a hard to break into industry. A great plot that could be truly amazing if it has the right music to back it up.


The Skins Game          By: Justin Neal
After meeting in jail in Vancouver, B.C. two Indigenous men embark on a cross border road trip to New Mexico. The journey turns into a mission to fight the insidious racism perpetrated against their culture, starting with that damned Redskins mascot. A raw, visceral, and highly topical script about two young men finding themselves on a roadtrip of self discovery.


Wilders                       By: Shannon Litt
‘Wilders’ follows the journey of two sheltered young girls in a post-apocalyptic world as they track their missing mother and explore the deadly truth of what lies beyond the woods they call home. Fresh and original, the world the writer takes you too is incredible and easy to visualize. With some outstanding action sequences the script keeps you engaged and interested all the way through.


The Years Beneath      By: Sheila Erdmann
A family struggling to make ends meet while dealing with health issues must find their way in Vancouver. An Psychologists husband who suffers from schizophrenia is worsening by the day. Two families trying to make things better while things are steadily getting worse. This was a powerful read and the detrimental effects of 'Schizophrenia', and the importance of educating ourselves about this particular mental illness. The characters were very intriguing and the two stories intertwining had me very engaged. The mystery and tension were building brilliantly throughout; along with the pacing and development in each character.