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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22 at 7:00pm

Eventbrite - Canadian Film Fest 2017

Online tickets allotments may sell out but rush tickets will be available at the door before the screening. 


Running Time:  73 mins
Genre:  Drama/ Comedy
Director:  Natty Zavitz        
Writer:  Natty Zavitz
Producers:  Stephanie Hooker and Martin Wojtunik    
Executive Producer:  Peter Harvey
Director of Photography:  Martin Wojtunik
Editor:  Kat Webber
Music:  The Super Group – Music Supervision With Songs by: “Ralph”, Jessie Reyez”, “Shagabond & Maddee” and more…
Cast:  Shomari Downer (Jordan), Paula Brancati (Rachel), Andy McQueen (Nick), Parveen Kaur (Bree), Giacomo Gianniotti (Christopher), Aidan Shipley (Crossland)

Synopsis:  EDGING is a chamber dramedy about the brink of adulthood and how quickly it comes.  Jordan is throwing a housewarming party and isn’t around to enjoy it.  He’s fixated on his recently broken garage door opener.  His old friends, and basically a stranger take their turns trying to get him to leave the garage while his colleagues enjoy some coke in the washroom and debate the benefits of a quality salad bowl.  It was made in a garage over four cold days in December.

EDGING will be preceded by the short films, WELCOME STRANGER, and LOVE IN THE AGE OF LIKE


Running Time: 5min
Genre:  Sci-Fi/ Drama
Director:  Brit Kewin
Writers:  Nick Kewin, and Brit Kewin
Producer:  Jill Gora
Director of Photography:  Brit Kewin
Editor:  Brit Kewin
Music:  Nick Kewin, and John Harry
Cast:  Nick Kewin, Kate Etienne, Jaclyn Vogl 

Synopsis:  Welcome Stranger is a naturalistic sci-fi short film about an alien adrift on earth.  With a gaping hole in his chest that no one seems able to see, he relies on an ill-advised instruction manual about human behaviour to guide his attempts to connect with others.

This short is a meditation on loneliness.  The grief of heartbreak knows no narrative and no ending, just glimpses and fragments and trying to put meaning on experience.


Running Time: 8mins
Genre:  Comedy
Director:  Theodore Bezaire
Writer:  Amarpal Dhillon
Producers:  Theodore Bezaire, Scott Cavalheiro
Executive Producer:  Gerry Lattmann
Director of Photography:  Sasha Moric
Editor:  Theodore Bezaire
Music:  Catalin Marin
Cast:  Claire Stollery, Jamie Spilchuk, Scott Cavalheiro  

Synopsis:  Courtney, a young professional woman, tries to decide whether or not to break up with her boyfriend because he doesn’t “like” any of her social media posts. 

Eventbrite - Canadian Film Fest 2017
Later Event: March 22
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22 at 9:30pm