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SATURDAY, MARCH 25 at 5:30pm

Eventbrite - Canadian Film Fest 2017

Online tickets allotments may sell out but rush tickets will be available at the door before the screening. 


Running Time:  68mins
Genre:  Documentary
Director:  Lynne Spencer
Writer:  Lynne Spencer, Elizabeth Rusch
Producers:  Lynne Spencer
Director of Photography:  Lynne Spencer
Editor:  Lynne Spencer
Music:  Tobin Stokes, Owen Underhill, Michael Bushnell
Cast:  Simone Orlando 

Synopsis:  BROKEN is an extraordinarily intimate portrait of Simone Orlando, Ballet BC's lead dancer for twelve years who suffered an injury that was so severe, she could hardly walk, let alone dance.  Hiding her affliction with painkillers, she struggled on, but an MRI revealed hip surgery was required.  This film is a unique study of the devotion that artists, performers and even athletes bring to their vocation, and what happens when fate intervenes to threaten their life’s work – and their identity.

BROKEN will be preceded by the short films, PARENT, TEACHER and COME BACK


Running Time:  12mins
Genre:  Drama
Director:  Roman Tchjen
Writer:  Roman Tchjen
Producers:  Kegan Sant, Roman Tchjen
Director of Photography:  Christopher Lew
Editor:  Ray Savaya
Cast:  John Phillips, Emily Nixon

Synopsis:  After his son attacks another student, a father becomes embroiled in an impassioned debate with the boy’s well-meaning teacher.


Running Time:  9mins
Genre:  Drama
Director:  Hannah Anderson, Aidan Shipley
Writer:  Hannah Anderson
Producers:  Hannah Anderson, Natalie Novak, Brett Donahue
Executive Producers:  Hannah Anderson, Michael J. Roberts
Director of Photography:  Scott McClellan
Editor:  Kat Webber
Music:  Ilario Circosta
Cast: Emily Coutts, Brett Donahue, Kathryn Akin, and Christine Horne (voice)

Synopsis:  A young woman struggling to find closure after the sudden death of a beloved friend, Come Back is a story about the intersection between resolution and grief, and dares us NOT to put it behind us but rather grieve until we’re done. Even if we never are.

Eventbrite - Canadian Film Fest 2017
Earlier Event: March 25
SATURDAY, MARCH 25 at 2:30pm