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FRIDAY, MARCH 24 at 9:30pm

Eventbrite - Canadian Film Fest 2017

Online tickets allotments may sell out but rush tickets will be available at the door before the screening.  


Running Time:  82mins
Genre:  Thriller/Drama
Director:  Justin McConnell
Writer:  Justin McConnell
Producers:  Justin McConnell, Dave McGrath
Executive Producers:  Pasha Patriki, Andrew van den Houten
Consulting Producers:  George Mihalka, Shannon Hanmer
Director of Photography:  Justin McConnell
Music:  Sean Motley
Cast:  Francesco Filice, Caleigh Le Grand, Patrick McFadden, Lea Lawrynowicz

Synopsis:  A drug addict (Francesco Filice) awakens to find the girl he is with is dead, and must rush to escape the consequences.  Along the way, he seeks the help of his ex-girlfriend (Caleigh Le Grand), while dodging a mysterious figure (Patrick McFadden) who has started chasing him around the city with a gun.  A tense real-time thriller presented in a single, unbroken take.

BROKEN MILE will be preceded by the short film, TUESDAY 10:08AM


Running Time:  13mins
Genre:  Drama     
Directors:  Thomas Pepper, and Jane Tattersall      
Writers:  Thomas Pepper, and Jane Tattersall
Producer:  Penny McDonald
Executive Producers:  Sonia Di Rienzo, and Aeschylus Poulos
Director of Photography:  Luke McCutcheon
Editor:  Sandy Pereira
Music:  Jonathan Goldsmith
Cast:  Bea Santos, Martha Burns, Dwain Murphy, Fraser Elsdon, Andre Sills, Jesse Griffiths 

Synopsis:  A homeless man is shot dead by police.  While the police chief briefs reporters on the details of the incident, an eyewitness, unsure of what she's seen, dives into an analysis of the video footage.  Using many different video and audio sources she pieces the story together and the full depth of the tragedy comes clear.

Eventbrite - Canadian Film Fest 2017
Earlier Event: March 24
FRIDAY, MARCH 24 at 7:00pm
Later Event: March 25
SATURDAY, MARCH 25 at 12:00pm