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THURSDAY, MARCH 23 at 9:30pm

Eventbrite - Canadian Film Fest 2017

Online tickets allotments may sell out but rush tickets will be available at the door before the screening. 


Running Time:  106mins
Genre:  Sci Fi/ Thriller
Director:  Chris Scheuerman
Writer:  Chris Scheuerman
Producers:  Chris Scheuerman, Andrew Jenkins, Lori Triolo, David Angelski
Executive Producers:  Tom Cox, Jason Van Nieuwkerk, John Jenkins, Darlene Jenkins, Michael Scheuerman
Director of Photography:  Thomas Billingsley
Editor:  Chris Scheuerman, Matthew Scheuerman
Music:  Daryl Bennett
Cast:  Andrew Jenkins, Melissa Roxburgh, Charlie Kerr, Leah Gibson, Michael Kopsa, Johanna Newmarch, Jed Rees, Brendan Fletcher, Carmen Moore 

Synopsis:  Spence Cutler is a psychopath.  He's never felt empathy or guilt.  However, a fateful encounter with a new drug is about to give him a dose of too much reality, and he takes a mind-bending trip down the psychedelic highway of consciousness to come face to face with his own morality and his own twisted soul.

LOST SOLACE will be preceded by the short film, MAGIC MUSHROOMS


Running Time:
Genre:  Comedy (sorta)
Director:  Sean Wainsteim
Writer:  Sean Wainsteim
Producer:  Michelle Woodward
Executive Producers:  Laura Perlmutter, Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith, Sean Wainsteim
Director of Photography:  Tico Poulakakis
Editor:  Sean Wainsteim
Music:  Brian Gair, Adam Damelin
Cast: Aris Tyros, Alyssa Capriotti, Aaron Hale, with Maria Syrgiannis 

Synopsis:  After an awkward teen boy and his girl crush switch bodies after taking mushrooms, he discovers that attraction is more complicated than he thought.  Magic Mushrooms is an unexpected, wry reflection on gender identity and coming-of-age sexuality.

Eventbrite - Canadian Film Fest 2017
Earlier Event: March 23
THURSDAY, MARCH 23 at 7:00pm
Later Event: March 24
FRIDAY, MARCH 24 at 7:00pm